Ariana is a blend of Persian and Afghan cuisine which offers its customers a diverse variety of traditional dishes brought together from different regions. Our Persian cuisine is very traditional and provides a large variety.

We at Ariana Restaurant whole heartedly welcome our customers to a great deal of services in which most importantly is our high quality and truly halal food. Ariana’s highly skilled and experienced staff assures you fabulous standard service presenting very delicious and well cooked food in absolutely clean, modern and traditional manner.





Mainly Persian cuisines are a combination of rice served with chicken, meat, lamb, or fish also comprising vegetables, herbs, and nuts. Commonly in these dishes herbs are used with fruits like prunes, raisins, apricots, quince, plums, and pomegranates. Lastly, for a balanced taste in a few special dishes flavourings like saffron, parsley, dried limes and cinnamon are mixed skilfully. Likewise, the afghan cuisine at Ariana restaurant also largely consists of rice with various nuts, or fresh and dried fruits.



Therefore, our afghan cuisine is also well balance as it is not too spicy nor to bland. Alongside safe, healthy, delicious and halal food we also offer Shisha. Ariana’s Shisha Corner is a place specially designed to hang out, relax, associate with one another and enjoy a great variety of Shisha Flavous along with traditional tea.

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Ariana established its business in 2002 and since then has been running successfully being a halal restaurant from the beginning. Even after few years Ariana Restaurant’s has continued to maintain its reputation and still promises its customer to provide a satisfactory service and delicious halal food let it be for any social gathering, business meeting, or dinner and date.