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Part of the daily experiences of children. To understand the importance of reading and writing, they must see it as something important for their daily lives, for this, you can use the instructions of a game, the explanations to ride your bike, etc. Let them lose their fear of the letters and value what they mean and what they can do with them. To do this, show them at all times the meaning of the letters, how they form words, how they form sentences and how with all this we can create messages. Let them follow their own learning rhythm, do not try to impose them that they understand too many letters, it is better that they build the learning little by little without fear and illusion. Teach them that they can do multiple things with reading and writing, you can use for example mobile phone messages, you will arouse their interest and they will find meaning. Serve as an example. If you want them to read, make sure they see you read. Always have books and written texts from at your fingertips. Read them out loud. It is a way of making them understand what the writings convey to us, instill in them a taste for reading and get involved with them in the process. Be patient with the little ones; When you write or read if you are wrong, do not make the learning situation traumatic. Don’t let them abandon their homework, but use patience and understanding.

Cantonese Lunch

  • Crispy Duck Salad
  • Sizzling Fillet of Beef Cantonese Style
  • Saute Shiitake Mushrooms & Chinese Cabbage
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Thai Lunch

  • Pork Spare Ribs Pecking Style
  • Caesar salad with salmon
  • Veal steak
  • Crispy Duck Salad
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What people are saying about our restaurant

Anyone, who visits our place leaves us well fed and in a great mood!

I’ve been coming to their place for lunches for the past 3 years. The food and drinks are always outstanding, just as well as their pricing and the level of customer service.


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The prices are as good as the menu! Each time I spend less money, than anywhere else and for that value I always get a fresh, tasty Asian dinner!


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My friends, who go here every week highly recommended this place to me. Now I come here once in a while, but each time I do visit the food is exquisite!


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